Tripoli Protection Force rejected Tuesday the outcomes and agreements of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) on the mechanism of selecting a new executive authority, accusing the LPDF members and UN acting envoy Stephanie Williams of "pressure and recklessness" to the interests of Libyans and of redirecting the track of the dialogue.

Tripoli Protection Force added in a statement on its Facebook page directed to the UN Secretary General, ambassadors of permanent Security Council stats and ambassadors of countries supporting in the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, that it was following up the developments of the LPDF, hailing the UN efforts for peace and stability in Libya.

"We have seen a deviation from the right track as well as a number of violations such as the dubious method of selecting some LPDF members, methods of voting and the personal interferences of some UNSMIL members in redirecting the political track into some rhetoric that isn't useful for the all Libyans, but for certain parties only." The statement reads.

It said Williams was pushing the LPDF members into a certain method of voting so she could achieve an outcome in the reminder of her time as an acting UN envoy, adding that Libyan parties should resort to the Libyan-Libyan dialogue via peaceful means as soon as possible, and urged the UN Secretary General to oblige the UNSMIL to return to its "correct track" for the best interest of all Libyans.