Several protestors organized a sit-in Sunday in Tripoli to show solidarity with the residents of Derna and Ganfouda, holding slogans urging for the end of the siege laid on the tow areas and for getting the trapped civilians out of there to avoid the bombing that has so far killed many people and destroyed many houses.

The protestors, who were in Tripoli’s Martyrs Square, denounced the ever-happening airstrikes by Khalifa Haftar’s militias along with the supporting foreign warplanes.

They also condemned the intentional silence of the international community and the local authorities toward the siege of the two areas in eastern Libya.

Six months and counting, the residential area of Ganfouda in Benghazi has been a helpless target of the Haftar and foreign air attacks.

On the other hand, Haftar’s militias are currently preparing for the storming into Derna city according to the military commander of the eastern region’s military operations, Ramadan Atiya, who said that more than 16 Haftar-affiliated brigades are ready to receive the go-ahead from Khalifa Haftar to attack Derna.

“We have 7000 fighters in the Green Mountain area right now.” He indicated.