Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade, backed by Brigade 301 and Kani Brigade of Tarhuna, launched Wednesday a military operation in southern Tripoli to eliminate an armed group loyal to former dictator Gaddafi.

Sources from Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade said their fighters attacked Gaddafi loyalists in Qasir Ben Ghashir, Sayah and Wadi Rabea and took control of all their camps. The Gaddafi group is led by Salah Al-Marghani and Mabrouk Gaddafi.

Two fighters from Brigade 301 were killed in the operation.  

“They were planning to attack and control the capital later this month”, the sources said.

The armed groups’ militants fled to Wirshiffana region after heavy exchange of fire with Tripoli brigades. Facebook pages loyal to Gaddafi referred to the group as “the Popular Front for Liberation of Libya”.

A fighter from Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade posted a live video on Facebook showing green flags inside one of the armed group’s camps.