Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade (TRB) has announced that it will take part in a military operation alongside western military zone and Zintan military council to help "cleanse" Jafara and Aziziya districts in Wershiffana - southwestern Tripoli - from "outlaws and gangs."

In a statement issued Saturday on Facebook, the TRB said Jafara and Wershiffana are kidnapped by a group of criminals, adding that the residents in those areas know the gathering places and camps of the criminals and outlaws, which are kilometers away from the houses of the Wershiffana High Council of Tribes' officials.

"If the brigades in Jafara have such a power that can thwart any attacks coming from outside Wershiffana, why then they did not use it to secure the district and the residents from the outlaws and gangs." The statement reads.

"We wonder why those forces did not use their power to secure banks, projects, stolen factories, residents' properties and why they did not arm - since they have so many weapons - the police and army that have about 3000 personnel each." The statement goes on.

It also explained that Wershiffana district is kidnapped by some of its residents, who are hosting criminals wrecking havoc in the area such as those "advocates of popular front for liberating Libya" and those who dream of the return of dictatorship.

"We are going to join the operation in Wershiffana to prevail security so that police and other security apparatuses return to work inside the district, open banks and protect the roads between Tripoli and western mountain as well as Al-Zawiya from bandits. Securing Tripoli needs the security of the areas around it and thus thwart any threats posed to the capital." TRB concluded.