The African Researches and Studies Center organized a workshop at the Radisson Blu hotel with the title “Illegal immigration and Libya”.

A research paper has revealed that the numbers of immigrants arriving in Libya is on a steady incline and that human trafficking has become a very profitable business making the subject a serious cause for concern as it also effects the social, security and economic institutions of the country.

Those present felt that new lines of dialogue should be opened with countries known to be the source of illegal immigration to cooperate efforts and requested a review of the agreements made with them.

They requested to impose pressure on the governments of such countries to find effective solutions to the increasing threat.

The attendees also called for creating sustainable development for resettlement of migrants and providing a place for them in the job market in transit countries.

The African Researches and Studies Center is concentrating on researches and studies that aim to help bolster Libya’s national security by providing information to strengthen decision makers.

Libya has recently become a hotspot for human trafficking and illegal immigration due to the lack of security and the current political crisis.