The security directorate of Tripoli announced Wednesday that its former chief Salah Al-Samouie died of his wounds in a hospital in Rome, Italy.

The directorate said on Facebook that Al-Samouie succumbed to his wounds sustained from the recent murder attempt in the Italian hospital on Wednesday morning.

Likewise, the Presidential Council mourned the death of Al-Samouie, saying he is a true loss for all Libyans as he used to be very committed to serving the country.

The Special Deterrence Force also mourned the former chief's death, saying Libya has "lost one of its faithful fighters."

Al-Samouie was shot in front of his house in Salah Eddine area last November and suffered serious injuries.

The Tripoli-based Special Deterrence Force (SDF) has arrested two persons responsible for the attempt to murder the former chief of Tripoli security department.

The SDF said that the criminals who opened fire on Salah Samouie had been placed in custody, naming them as Ayman Zaidan and Ayman Abu Kharis.

"The two persons have confessed to the murder attempt. The motives have been criminal only." SDF said, indicating that there are no terrorist or political motives.