The Tripolitanian Society rejected the results of the 6+6 Joint Committee meetings that were held in the Moroccan city of Bouznika, saying in a statement that the committee had failed to implement its first basic task of issuing a constitutional basis.

"The committee members acted beyond their powers as members of a committee proposed by two expired bodies by devising a mini-constitution that meets their aspirations to remain indefinitely in power in seeking to appoint a new military dictator of another nationality." The statement says.

It added that the committee disregarded the constitution that was drafted by the Constitution Drafting Assembly that was elected by the people and didn't approve presenting it to a popular referendum. It also indicated that the committee’s requirement to create two chambers: a House of Representatives and a Senate is the biggest evidence that "they do not know the basics of constitutional work, believing that they have the authority to draft a detailed mini-constitution." 

"The points made by the joint committee, such as allowing the military and dual nationals to run, are in violation of Libyan laws that are still in force, which say that the military is prevented from running for office, but also from practicing politics as well. The laws prevent dual nationals from assuming any state office, especially the position of prime minister and head of state. Drafting constitutional texts and articles is not the job of the committee, but rather it's a constitutional basis. We need action to close the House of Representatives and the High Council of State and to withdraw confidence from those who represent it in these two bodies. The public should protest in public squares against them." The statement indicated. 

The Tripolitanian Society also called on the UNSMIL, the UN envoy, and the Security Council to "move to Plan B and neutralize the obstructors through a plan and roadmap aimed at expanding participation in a community legal committee as a substitute for the two chambers to sign a clear agreement that adopts a constitutional basis based on the amended constitutional declaration which were the basis for the last legislative elections were held.