The Tripolitanian Society denounced Tuesday the Parliament for "attempting to prolong its stay in power" by issuing "flawed" voting laws and failing to hold elections.

In a statement on Facebook, the block said the House of Representatives is seeking to impose a parallel government that may lead to another war.

The relentless attempts of the Parliament and the High Council of State to stay in power will only prolong the transitional phase and instability. It would also promote corruption and waste state resources, the block says.

It said the killing, destruction, displacement, and the physical and psychological diseases that many are still suffering, lies within the responsibility of the Parliament and the HCS.

"What is happening now of strange and unnatural alliances illustrates the fact that the primary concern of many of those at the forefront of the Libyan political scene today is to gain power despite all the suffering of the Libyan people."

The group called on the Libyan people to lodge protests to demand the withdrawal of confidence from the Parliament, end the HCS role, and declare a general strike.