The Tripolitanian Society has rejected holding social, economic, political or military dialogues in Cairo, saying "we are at war with Egypt".

In a letter to the UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame, the Tripolitanian Society said according to international laws, dialogues cannot be held in a country that directly helped fuel war in Libya, causing hundreds of deaths and displacing thousands of people.

It added that the dialogue should be in Libya or in a neutral country that respects human rights like Sweden or any Scandinavian country, expressing surprise that the economic track started without any hurdles while the political and security tracks got hindered by the aggression party that is rejecting peace talks.

Salame said a second economic meeting will be held in Cairo on February 09. He also said earlier that Libyan economic track representatives will form Libyan Economic Experts Committee.

Salame also indicated that the UNSMIL had hosted on January 07 a meeting between the two branches of the Central Bank of Libya to devise a strategy to unify the sovereign institution.