The UN Special Adviser on Libya Stephanie Williams on Friday received representatives of the Tuareg community to discuss the difficulties hindering their participation in the elections and the political process.

According to Williams, a major reason was the lack of national identification numbers for thousands of Tuareg.

She said the group requested the UN advocacy for several issues, including the lack of identification numbers that prevented them from practicing their political rights, receiving salaries for retired personnel, obtaining passports, and having full access to education and health facilities.

"I recalled that the LPDF roadmap had explicitly mentioned the need to address this issue, thanks to Tuareg advocacy," Williams wrote on her Twitter account Friday.

The meeting also touched upon the concerns of this segment of society regarding their exclusion from successive governments, as they put it, highlighting the impact such acts would have on reconciliation and stability in Libya.

The UN Rep. vowed she would convey their concerns to the relevant Libyan authorities during upcoming engagements.