Tubu armed groups in Sabha seized Sunday Sabha castle and the positions of Sixth Brigade Infantry around it.

The head of the social commission of Tubu tribe, Hassan Shacki denied withdrawing from the locations they controlled on Saturday in the city - southern Libya - saying they now have their grip on northern and eastern Sabha.

"We have reopened the road that connects the city to northern Libyan cities and we call on the Presidential Council to assume its duties and secure Sabha." Shacki added.

Sources reported that Sixth Brigade Infantry withdrew from its locations today after it regained control late on Saturday in a hit-and-run battle with the Tubu tribesmen.

The sources added that the pullout came on orders by the commander of the brigade, Al-Mabrouk Al-Ghazwi who is under Khalifa Haftar's command, saying other forces will be tasked with securing the castle.

Sixth Brigade Infantry is made up of the Arab inhabitants of Sabha, Awlad Sulaiman tribe, and some of its forces are under the Presidential Council's command while others are under Haftar forces' command.

The southern Libyan city, Sabha, reportedly saw the heaviest fighting since February on Friday night using heavy and medium weapons and reportedly some shells fell on houses in the city.

In the meantime, Tubu tribe elders issued a statement calling for activating the role of Libyan Army as per the regulations known to the Libyan military laws so the camps and locations can all return under the legal army command and away from outlaw militias.