The Minister of Employment and Vocational Training and the spokesperson for the Tunisian government, Nasreddine Al-Nassaibi, told  Hokoometna, that there is a need for further strengthening health cooperation and benefiting from Tunisian expertise to localize many medical specialties in Libya, in addition to an agreement to further support trade exchanges to achieve smooth passage of goods at border crossings and reduce waiting periods, let alone the need for an agreement to activate a maritime transport line between Libya and Tunisia.

Al-Nassaibi added that there is an agreement to create a joint Libyan-Tunisian investment fund to support the private sector to create promising Libyan-Tunisian investments in many sectors, especially the health sector. There are also new strategic partnerships in the fields of energy, mines and trade.

Al-Nassaibi indicated that there is a preliminary agreement to strengthen cooperation in the field of land transport, in addition to agreements for employment, human resources and technical manpower training as well as a pilot project for vocational training in the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft, which will soon be launched in Libya under a memorandum of understanding between the Libyan Ministry of Labor and the Tunisian Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training.

He said that they also agreed on an online link between the system and the site of human resources in Tunisia and the requests registered by economic companies in Libya in order to facilitate the movement of labor from Tunisia to Libya in an orderly manner. He also confirmed that they agreed to reorganize the joint higher committee between Libya and Tunisia soon in Tripoli.