The Supreme Council for Tunisian National Security has decided to close land borders with Libya starting Wednesday midnight, reported Tunisian media.

The Supreme Council decided, after meeting earlier on Wednesday, to toughen surveillance measures, tighten inspection procedures on the ones arriving from Libya, and take security and legal measures against expats including Libyans.

“We are going to close our land border with Libya as a preventive temporary procedure for the next 15 days.” Added the Supreme Council officials.

In the meantime, the closing of the border comes as a result of the bomb explosion that targeted a Presidential Security Guard’s bus in Tunis Tuesday leaving 12 security personnel dead as ISIS (Daesh) claimed responsibility for the Tunisian explosion in a statement on Wednesday.

Tunisia is considered one of the most active countries in terms of exporting radicals and extremists, knowing that a number of Tunisian nationals had previously blown themselves up in suicide attacks in Libya.