The Turkish Foreign Ministry accused on Tuesday the European Union (EU) of siding with the coup in Libya after it included a Turkish maritime company in the new sanctions list for allegedly violating the arms embargo on Libya.

In a statement, the Turkish Foreign Ministry called on the EU to abandon its biased attitude and cooperate with Turkey if the block wants security and stability in the region.

"The (EU) IRINI Operation is rewarding Haftar and punishing the UN-recognised Libyan government," Turkey’s foreign ministry said late on Monday.

The Turkish-top diplomat accused the EU of turning a blind eye on the countries and companies, starting with the UAE, that send weapons from land and air to the "putschist Haftar" in violation of the UN Security Council decisions, while the support provided to the legitimate government is deemed an embargo violation. "This is a is a clear signal that the EU is biased," Turkey’s foreign ministry said.