The Turkish presidency on Wednesday, stressed that the forces of Khalifa Haftar must withdraw from the coastal city of Sirte and Al-Jufra region in central Libya, and return to the status quo in 2015, as a condition for any permanent ceasefire agreement in Libya, according to Reuters.

"We've just reached an agreement with Russia to work on a credible and sustainable ceasefire in Libya," Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin told Reuters news agency at the Presidential Palace in Ankara on Wednesday.

"Any deal must be based on a return to what the Libyan frontlines were in 2015, Kalin explained, requiring Haftar's militia to pull back from Sirte and Jufra Airbase.

The Turkish official made clear that any deployment of Egyptian troops in Libya will hinder efforts to stop the fighting and will pose a risk for Cairo, saying "I think it will be a dangerous military adventure for Egypt."

Kalin said that other figures in the eastern region should play a role, as Haftar can't be a reliable partner due to his violations of previous ceasefire agreements.

"We do not consider him -Haftar- as a legitimate party, but there is another parliament in Tobruk, and there are other players in Benghazi, who will have to negotiate," he added.