Turkey's ambassador to Libya, Kenan Yilmaz, has said that the Libyan-Turkish memorandum of understanding (MoU) in hydrocarbons and energy is based on a win-win principle.

The Turkish ambassador told Libya Al-Ahrar TV Channel that this and other MoUs between Ankara and Tripoli haven’t targeted the interests of any other country, reiterating that the countries which are criticizing Turkey's MoUs with Libya have previously signed similar ones with Tripoli.

Yilmaz added that Ankara had never questioned those agreements and reiterated that when the eastern region looks into the details of the MoUs between Libya and Turkey, it won’t reject them because the agreements clearly maintain the interests of Libya and the Libyan people.

Speaking about the Turkish consulate’s opening in Benghazi, Yilmaz said it could happen on the scheduled time (December 24) if the east-based authorities finish the required preparations.

Yilmaz also said that lifting visa on Libyans traveling to Turkey is still hindered by some challenges but he hoped this could happen soon, adding that some Turkish firms are resuming work in Libya on projects suspended since 2011.