Turkey's Parliament approves security and military MoU with Libya

Turkey's Parliament approves security and military MoU with Libya

December 21, 2019 - 19:44
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Turkish Parliament has endorsed the MoU in security and military cooperation between Tripoli and Ankara.

On November 27, Ankara and Tripoli signed two separate MoUs; one on military cooperation and the other on maritime boundaries of countries in the eastern Mediterranean region.

This came after the Presidential Council's government convened an extraordinary meeting on Thursday in the presence of military officers and endorsed unanimously the activation of the two MoUs signed with Turkey and agreed to the Turkish offer to provide military support to the Libyan Army.

This development comes one day after the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in an interview that Ankara will speed up cooperation with Libya and that his government is ready to support Libya at any moment the Presidential Council requests, saying the support includes "military assistance."

The MoU includes cooperation in the fields of security and military training, defence industries, and combating terrorism and irregular migration.

The MoU contains as well logistical cooperation such as mapping, military planning, and transfer of experiences, in addition to establishing a mutual defence and security cooperation office upon request.

It also includes provisions for launching a “quick reaction force” if requested by the Libyan government.