Turkish President's special envoy to Libya Emrullah Isler Monday held talks in Tripoli with GNC President Nuri Abu Sahmain, Fatwa House officials and members of self-approved Presidency Council of Skhirat government.

Isler said he came to Tripoli to bridge the gap between Libyan rivals and bring them together to the same negotiating table.

"We informed all parties that the crisis in Libya is political and the only way out is dialogue," he said in a press conference, adding that foreign intervention is not accepted.

The GNC is clinging to 5 amendments to Skhirat agreement requested by the Mufti in order to accept the UN-proposed government.   

Meanwhile, the State Council is expected to hold its first meeting in Tripoli today. GNC member Mahmud Abdul-Aziz urged members of SC to respect the law and the agreement they unilaterally signed in October and wait until the constitutional declaration is amended.

"One SC member said there is no law and we will not pay attention to the law, and the law is under our feet," Mahmud Abdul-Aziz said.

The oldest member of GNC Saied Al-Khittali said the planned meeting of State Council violates Skhirat agreement, urging SC members to wait until Tobruk Parliament amends the constitutional declaration as per the Libyan agreement they had signed in Skhirat.

"The State Council is not yet born according to the agreement. This meeting is illegal; I am the oldest member in the GNC to call for a meeting according to the political agreement," he said.

State Council member Abdul-Rahman Al-Shatir claimed to be the oldest member and called pro-Skhirat agreement GNC members to attend the first State Council meeting in the Royal Palace in Tripoli.