Al Jazeera Net reported an exclusive source from Turkish Presidency as saying that Russia had carried out airstrikes on Al-Watiya airbase in western Libya not Egypt, UAE or Haftar's forces.

The source said the Russians intentionally avoided hitting Turkish weapons at the airbase but only targeted the US weapons inside it, adding that there had been Turkish defense systems, radars and jamming systems and all weren't damaged.

The source denied to Al Jazeera Net rumors on social media about the deployment of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft system by Turkey in Libya as a precaution for any Egyptian intervention.

Meanwhile, former Turkish Intelligence Chief said there couldn't be any direct conflict between Turkey and Russia or Egypt in Libya, adding that US support to Turkey will hinder UAE and Egypt's direct confrontation with Ankara, while Russian-Turkey cooperation in different international issues will impede any war to break between them. He didn't eliminate a proxy war scenario in Libya.

He also reiterated that Ankara will continue to support the legitimate Government of National Accord in Libya until it liberates Sirte and Jufra and then will back up political negotiations with eastern Libyan parties and their supporters.

Unidentified warplanes carried out on July 04 airstrikes on Al-Watiya airbase. The spokesman of Libyan Army Mohammed Gununu said at the time that they would respond to the airstrikes at the right time and place.