Update: Death toll of Benghazi twin blasts has risen to 25 and left 51 others wounded, Al-Jala Hospital reported on Wednesday

At least 7 people were killed and more than 15 others wounded in two near-simultaneous car bomb explosions in Salmani neighborhood of Benghazi on Tuesday.

The first car bomb went off outside Bait Radwan Mosque while worshippers were leaving after performing night-time (Isha) prayer, leaving at least three people dead and causing material damage to nearby cars and buildings.

The second car bomb explosion occurred minutes later near the Passport and Nationality Department, which is very near to the site of the first explosion, leaving four people dead according to eyewitnesses.

Chief of Arrest and Special Investigation Unit of Dignity Operation, Ahmed Al-Fituri, was killed in the first explosion, military sources confirmed  

The death toll is expected to rise according to medical sources from the city.

Local sources said Bait Radwan Mosque is dominated by Salafist fighters of Dignity Operation, most of whom are members of Brigade 210.