Two children from one family were killed by a blast of a landmine planted near their house in Ain Zara, south Tripoli, according to a statement by the spokesman for the Emergency and Ambulance Apparatus, Osama Ali.

Mouad and Faida Abu Ras were playing outside their house in Ain Zara when a landmine exploded, killing the girl on the spot while the boy died later in the hospital.

Libyan Crimes Watch called for an investigation into the crimes of landmines that were planted by pro-Haftar forces in south Tripoli during the offensive on the capital between April 2019 and June 2020.

Libyan Crimes Watch said that those responsible for planting the mines must be brought to justice for these crimes that amount to war crimes.

The Libyan Crimes Watch added that landmines are still taking the lives of civilians in a number of areas, calling on the relevant authorities of the Government of National Unity to double up efforts to clear the landmines and protect the people.

Despite repeated calls by the people and officials on Haftar’s forces to provide maps outlining the areas where the landmines are planted by them and their Russian Wagner Group mercenaries before withdrawing in June 2020, no action has been taken as lives continue to be lost due to those landmines.