The Tribes' Army, one of the armed wings of Dignity Operation in western Libya, shelled Abu Sorra town, south of Al-Zawiya, on Friday, in violation to Misrata's Halboos brigade-brokered truce agreement between Wirshiffana and Al-Zwaiya. Two civilians were killed in the shelling.

In the nearby town of Al-Maya, armed groups loyal to the Tribes' Army set up fake checkpoints on the highway and robbed several cars before being forced away by Libya Dawn forces. There are reports that a neutral force would be deployed between both sides to maintain the truce agreement. 

According to the truce agreement, both Wirshiffana and Al-Zwaiya declare ceasefire in the region and withdraw their forces to their administrative borders. Both sides also pledge not to attack each other and facilitate the return of displaced families from Wirshiffana to their homes. 
The Tribes' Army, which is made up of former regime fighters, is refusing to comply with the truce, reports say.