Airstrikes conducted by the warplanes of Khalifa Haftar-led Dignity Operation killed two of the Petroleum Facilities Guard's (PFG) personnel Sunday night, sources from the PFG reported.

According to the sources, the air raids targeted Ras Lanuf oil terminal at the oil crescent, where the forces of the PFG of the UN-proposed government's Presidential Council are positioned.

The Commander of the PFG, Edriss Abu Khamada, condemned what he described as the random shelling of the Libyan fortunes by the Haftar-led forces, saying a no-fly zone must be effected over the oil crescent region to secure it against such criminal acts.

"We will request a no-fly zone from the international community to secure the Libyan source of living from the random shelling of Haftar's militias." Abu Khamada was reported by local Libyan TV channels as saying.

Meanwhile, Boshra News Agency, the media arm of BDB, reported that Dignity Operation forces in Brega indiscriminately shelled Nofaliya town last night causing damage to civilians’ houses.

The PFG took control of the oil terminals when the Benghazi defense Brigades handed them over after they had kicked out the forces of the Dignity Operation from the oil crescent region early this month.