A woman and a teenager died of food poisoning and 44 other people were lodged in hospital after eating at the same social event in Souq Al-Jumua in Tripoli, the Health Ministry said on Sunday.

The spokeswoman for the ministry, Wedad Abu Al-Niran, confirmed that 44 people received medical care after the food poisoning, saying that the woman who didd was 44 years old and the teenager was a boy with a down syndrome.

She added that 32 people remained at Tripoli University Hospital, 20 of whom were old and 12 were children, saying that Tripoli Central Hospital received 12 cases, two of whom died and ten left after receiving treatment.

The deputy prime minister and health minister-designate Ramadan Abu Janah visited the Tripoli University Hospital and checked on the conditions of the patients, saying according to Hakomitna media platform that all the cases were receiving medical treatment at the different hospitals and there were no serious cases.

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