Two Russian firms join Wagner Group in supplying Haftar with mercenaries

Two Russian firms join Wagner Group in supplying Haftar with mercenaries

January 06, 2020 - 20:42
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The New Arab newspaper reported that a Russian Air Force jet had transported Russian mercenaries from a private military firm in Russia, just like Wagner Group, from Syria to Libya as per coordination between Moscow and Khalifa Haftar under the supervision of UAE and Egypt.

The newspaper said two Russian aircraft landed in Benghazi airport over the last three days coming from Syria with Russian mercenaries from two private firms (Moran and Schit Security Groups) on board in addition to Syrian contractors who work for the Russian forms in Syria.

According to the newspaper, the expansion of mercenary presence in Libya for Haftar's support by Russia is an attempt by Moscow to have a say in the Libyan conflict in order to be a strong negotiator with Turkey, which is supporting the Presidential Council's government, just like what happened in Syria, where both Russia and Turkey sat on the table after Ankara entered North Syria.

Meanwhile, Itamilradar website said a Russian aircraft landed Monday in Benghazi after two similar landings in the last two days, adding that it arrived from Moscow after making a landing in Latakia, Syria for some hours.

Two similar landings of Russian aircraft took place in Benghazi over the last two days, according to Itamilradar website.