The Tripoli Court of Appeal held its 13th hearing session in the case known as "the Abu Salim prison massacre" on Sunday.

For the first time, two of the most important indictees, Abdullah al-Senussi and Abdullah Mansour, were brought to the hearing session among other defendants, while another major figure accused in the case, Mansour Dhaw, did not show up.

The legal advisor of the case Mustafa Al-Majdoub clarified in a press statement following the hearing session Sunday, that the judge listened to the lawyers of 9 of the defendants, and ordered that 6 others who were released recently on follow-up, to be arrested and brought before the court, noting that the hearing was adjourned until February 3 next.

Al-Majdoub added that the court was unable to bring the defendant, Mansour Dhaw, at the session. 

He also pointed out that a number of the victims' families were permitted to attend the session by the court's administration. 

The Association of Abu Salim Prison Massacre and the families of the victims demanded the Presidential Council's head Fayez Al-Sarraj in a previous meeting last December to bring all the accused in the Abu Salim prison massacre case before the court.

The massacre of Abu Salim prison took place on June 29, 1996, where over 1200 prisoners were killed in cold blood under the pretext of ending a rebellion inside the prison and the inmate's resistance to security men.