UAE got its hands dirty in Libyan south, gasps to separate it from country

UAE got its hands dirty in Libyan south, gasps to separate it from country

December 12, 2015 - 17:12
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

A private Emirates Airline plane picked up a delegation from the leaders of the Libyan southern region to attend a meeting with the UAE’s leadership in Abu Dhabi last July, a well-informed source told Press Solidarity.

Asking to remain anonymous for security reasons, the source explained that the UAE offered the south leaders a plan to found a federal government and ordered that they nominate a governor for the south and help get across to all the tribes in their region.

“The UAE has also tried to convince the delegation of the idea by telling them how rich their region is with natural fortunes and that the residents there are forsaken and poor, pledging to back up the south economically, socially, and by security as soon as they agree to announce the separation of the south.” Added the source.

The source revealed as well the detail points by which the Emirates will help the south if they agreed to separate from Libya, as follows:
1: the UAE will build 4 airports connecting Europe to Africa. 
2: It will send in 20000 soldiers to exact security, back up the police, and protect the borders in the south.
3: It will be ready to invest in electricity as it will help generate it from solar energy and then sell it to Europe and Africa. 
4: Building a free market from all over the world.
5: Building factories for iron and cement in the south for exportation. 
6: Building tourist resorts and spas on the seven lake beaches in the south.
7: Building a number of hospitals in the southern cities.