The United Arab Emirates is in full control of a number of Libyan media outlets that represent 70% of Libyan media, an Emirati news website has disclosed.

Opposition website, UAE 71, revealed that UAE State Security funds and sponsors 7 Libyan media outlets and 4 social media pages as part of the UAE's efforts to control the Arab media, especially in the Arab spring countries.

These include Cairo-based Alwasat online newspaper and radio, Jordan-based Libya HD Channel, Jordan-based Libya 218 TV, London-based Libya 24 TV, Afrigate News website, and Tunisia-based Libya Alhadat news website.

According to UAE 71, Abu Dhabi has so far spent around $ 74 million on these media outlets, which are in favour of Tobruk parliament and Dignity Operation. These outlets have now become mouthpieces for the UN-imposed government of Fayaz Sirraj, but they still favour Khalifa Haftar's Dignity Operation. Many rumors that went viral on Libyan social media were first published by these outlets.

The UAE is a strong supporter of reneged General Khalifa Haftar. It supplied him with weapons and ammunition to help him take full control of east Libya, but he has failed in this.