A Libyan high ranking official disclosed that the UAE used Libya’s frozen assets in its banks to back up the military operations of Libyan eastern warlord, Khalifa Haftar, as well as other allies in Libya, pointing out that it also used the money to fund the building of its military base in Libya, besides the funding of Libyan media outlets in Jordan.

The New Arab reported the Libyan official as saying that Libyan parties are part of the “theft” of the Libyan frozen assets in coordination with UAE.

“The funding of the Kharouba – Khadim – military base in eastern Libya is mysterious and there are other countries taking part in it. US, Europe and Russia all gave the green light for the funding as they have interests in the UAE, not to mention the political complexities related to the building of such a military base.” The official told The New Arab.

He added, that the UAE is using the 50 billion dollars frozen in its banks to fund operations in support of Haftar, including two Libyan TV channels in Amman, Jordan.

“There is also training of armed fighters of Haftar’s forces in countries like Jordan and buying weapons and military equipment from Russia, Ukraine and Canada to support Haftar’s operations and send them via Tobruk port. Then Kharouba military base was expanded to facilitate the incoming weapons to Haftar.” The source added.

Last Saturday, the second deputy head of the High Council of State (HCS) Mohammed Emazib said the United Arab Emirates sent Libyan eastern warlord Haftar money from the Libyan frozen assets in Abu Dhabi, calling on the UAE to reveal the details for such actions.

The UN froze Libyan assets in 2011 so that it prevented Moamar Gaddafi from seizing Libya’s assets – tens of billions around the world.