The ambassador of the United Kingdom (UK) to Libya, Frank Baker has confirmed that "only few MPs at the British House of Commons, mainly representing Northern Ireland, are the ones who spoke of using Libya's frozen assets to compensate victims of the Irish Republican Army (IRA)," according to a press statement published by the media office of the High Council of State (HCS) on its official Facebook page on Wednesday.  

"Those MPs are few and it is difficult for such a decision to pass at the House of Commons." The media office quoted Baker as saying.

This statement came as Baker met with the President of the HCS Khalid Al-Mishri in Tripoli where both officials reviewed the issue of the frozen funds among other talks, HCS media office reported.

Baker indicated that "the UK did not decide upon this matter and the rumors surrounding the UK's stance of it are false, pointing out that such an issue should be resolved with the Presidential Council Head and Foreign Minister, away from the media's provocation."

For his part, Khalid Al-Mishri rejected using Libya's frozen assets in that way, confirming that the case had been solved at the time of Gaddafi's regime.

"The funds are for all Libyans and are frozen by a UN Security Council resolution." Al-Mishri said.

He also reviewed with the UK ambassador the free economic zone in Sirte and was backed by Baker that such a project is very vital for both countries.

In a statement to The Libya Observer, ambassador Baker said "seeking justice for the UK victims of Qadhafi-sponsored terrorism continues to be a priority for the UK government."

"This issue is yet to be resolved," ’he stated.

UK House of Commons was set to vote for allowing the government to use Libya’s frozen assets in Britain to compensate IRA victims.