The British Embassy said that Ambassador, Caroline Hurndall's visit to Misrata was an important opportunity for the United Kingdom to engage with a wide range of interlocutors and understand their priorities.

Hurndall arrived in Misrata for a two-day visit on Wednesday, where she met with local officials and key figures, including the mayor and the Council of Notables.

A statement by the embassy said Hundall discussed with the mayor opportunities for British business in the Free Zone of Misrata and other issues of common interest.

It expressed the UK's pride in its partnership with Misrata in healthcare, education, business, and trade, besides its support for the women’s education centre in the city.

"The British University of Kings College London worked closely with the Libyan Department of Antiquities to preserve the historical site of the city of Leptis by providing training on heritage protection, stabilization in emergencies, and administrative planning, the embassy stated.

It also highlighted the UK's support of the mine action project, which according to the embassy, helped dispose of over a thousand mines and explosives.