The UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, said that he is eager to the parliamentary and presidential elections more than the Libyans themselves, pointing out that there will be no delays in the implementation of the current schedule.

Salame explained that there has been no specific date determined yet for holding the elections, to say they have been postponed.

"The political class should agree on the law, on which elections should be held," Salame said in his remarks on the election law.

With regard to the powers of the President, the UN envoy explained that there is a draft constitution adopted by an elected constituent body, on the 27th of last July, and there is a need for a referendum.

"If the referendum is not held, an understanding must be reached between the Libyans on another constitutional basis, which may be in the constitutional declaration or elsewhere, so that the elections will be held in full transparency," Salame said.

He also explained that the aim of the UN-backed National Conference is to include various Libyan factions to agree on a time frame for the elections, emphasizing this issue will require resolution by the majority of the conference's participants.