The UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame condemned in the strongest terms the overnight heavy rocket shelling on the high-density residential neighbourhood of Abu Salim in Tripoli which resulted in scores of civilian deaths and injuries.

Salame said in a statement on Wednesday that according to initial medical sources, civilian casualties include injured women and children and one family that lost a mother, daughter, and grand-daughter.

“With great sadness, I extend my deepest condolences to the families of the victims and I wish a speedy recovery for those injured. The use of indiscriminate, explosive weapons in civilian areas constitutes a war crime.” Salame remarked.

He added that as of Tuesday, the total confirmed civilian casualties is 54, including 14 dead and 40 wounded.

"Of these, four of the casualties are health workers in the line of duty. The catastrophic impact upon the civilian population is expected to continue to rise as long as the hostilities continue." Salame indicated.

He explained that international humanitarian and human rights laws must be fully respected and all possible measures to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure must be taken.

Salame also stressed that liability for such crimes lies not only with the individuals who committed the indiscriminate attacks, but also potentially with those who ordered them.

Salame did not mention any name of as being behind the orders for the Grad shelling of Tuesday night and the two nights before it and he did not condemn Haftar's forces military operations but only called on them to cease fire and return to political process.