The Head of the UNSMIL Ghassan Salame said the mission is hopeful that the international community will have a better stance toward Libya after meeting several officials from countries involved in the crisis.

In a joint press conference with Tunisian Foreign Minister Khemaies Jhinaoui, Salame said that some parties in Libya were saying that military operations would continue till victory was achieved.

"But this cannot be possible in a country like Libya." Salame explained.

"Libya has not yet reached the most dangerous level of foreign intervention and if it reaches it, the future of the country will be in jeopardy. UNSMIL is exerting efforts in and out of Libya to stop the war and foreign military support for the warring factions. It is stopping all violations of Security Council resolutions, including bringing new military equipment and fighters to the battlefield.

Salame said Libya is in a pressing need for a political solution, adding that there is division in the international community toward Libya's crisis and that the upcoming political process cannot be the same as before Tripoli offensive.

"Criticism to the UNSMIL means it is unbiased and working on the right track." He remarked.

Salame also indicated that he talked to Khalifa Haftar after the latter said the UNSMIL was biased and that he also talked to Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj about it, hoping to reach a solution to the crisis soon.