Note: Alwatan corrected the interview on Tuesday, October 18, saying UN Chief Martin Kobler said Khalifa Haftar's army can be part of a unified Libyan army under the command of Presidency Council.

The Chief of UN Mission in Libya Martin Kobler has called Libyans to form a unified army under the command of Khalifa Haftar, a statement that would worsen the political situations in the country and deepen division among Libyans.

In an interview with Saudi newspaper of  Alwatan published on Sunday, Kobler said Haftar should have a role in the leadership and control of Libya.

He said he is trying to push everyone to recognize the UN-sponsored political agreement which he thinks is "the only solution to the political crisis."

Renegade General Khalifa Haftar is accusing Kobler of having his figure in every pie while refusing to respond to Kobler's multi requests to meet him. He is also a strong opponent to the Libyan political agreement.

Khalifa Haftar, a controversial military figure, is not accepted in west of Libya and many parts of the south. Several supporters and signatories of Libyan political agreement are also against him.