The Head of the UNSMIL, Ghassan Salame, has called for an urgent humanitarian truce and for more support for the IDPs in Tripoli.

Salame's call came in a visit he paid Saturday to the workplaces of UN agencies that are responding to humanitarian needs of the IDPs in Tripoli.

Salame visited Abu Der Al-Ghafari school that is hosting IDPs from the clashes' zones in southern Libya between Libyan Army forces under Presidential Council's government command and Khalifa Haftar's forces.

He also hailed the efforts of the Hay Al-Andalus municipality and the crisis committee as well as the Libyan General Movement of Scouts in assisting the IDPs.

Salame visited as well Ahmed bin Shatwan school and hailed its administration and the Tripoli central municipality's efforts in their assistance to the displaced people.

Humanitarian agencies estimate IDPs' numbers as over 70.000 people since the Tripoli attack started on April 04.

The IDPs will be facing problems with the decision of Education Ministry to resume study on Sunday, knowing that thousands of displaced persons are staying at schools currently.