The Head of the Libya UN mission Ghassan Salame said Wednesday in a presser in Tripoli that the National Conference (Multaqa Al-Watani) will be held in Ghadames city on April 14-16 to find a way out of the political stalemate in the country.

Salame told reporters that only Libyans will attend the conference as demanded by all Libyan parties he met, adding that the selection of Ghadames city was made by the majority of the Libyan parties.

"The results of the conference are going to be made by Libyans and for all Libyans to have an end to the stalemate and a beginning for more stable political roadmap that end with democratic elections." Salame added.

Salame indicated that between 120 and 150 people will be attending the conference to represent the largest possible circles of Libyan parties and entities as well as social components.

"We have received plenty of suggestions and proposals to be dealt with at the conference. The UNSMIL narrowed them down in an agreeable way with the Libyan parties to be discussed among all the conference's attendees." Salame added.

He stressed that there will be no new bodies created by the conference, rather the results of the conference will pave the way for elections which will be the only way to set them aside and vote for an agreeable new governing entity of consensus to all Libyans.

"If the plans in hand won't resolve the problem and don't receive agreement, there will be another plan to be discussed with the attendees." Salame added.

He also rejected a military solution in Libya, saying the crisis can end only by a political settlement and added that he would ask the conference's attendees to set a date for the elections.