The UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, has warned of seven fake lists of participants for the Libyan National Conference (Multaqa Al-Watani) while the UNSMIL has one list of attendees and they are being contacted currently.

The Libyan National Conference is going to take place on April 14-16 in Ghadames, according to the announcement made by Salame on March 20 in a presser in Tripoli.

On his Twitter account, Salame said Monday evening that at least seven lists are being circulated now to confuse the situation for the conference, adding that more lists can be faked to do more damage.

"However, my Libyan brothers are smart and will ignore such lists." Salame added.

He tweeted on saying that one list is the only the true one and he has it, adding that the UNSMIL is informing the participants and that "messing around will eventually go to trash cans."

On Sunday, the UNSMIL officially denied issuing any list of names for the coming up conference in Ghadames, saying the attempts to publish lists is aimed to confuse the current efforts.

According to Salame's announcement on March 20, between 120 and 150 persons will be attending the conference.