The UN envoy to Libya Abdoulaye Bathily has defined the tasks of the high-level committee, which he proposed to form, according to his initiative of last February when he briefed the Security Council with the aim to hold elections this year.

On UNSMIL's Facebook page, Bathily said elections in Libya don't only need a constitutional and legal framework, but also require addressing several issues, saying that one of the tasks of the high-level committee is to provide a safe environment for elections, to ensure the freedom of movement of candidates during the electoral campaigns, and to provide an equal ground for free and honest competition of the candidates.

He also said the tasks included agreeing to accept election results, adopting a code of conduct that everyone would adhere to, approving a transparent and fair government spending mechanism, and addressing any arising political or procedural issues.

Bathily's initiative aims to focus on the possibility of developing a clear roadmap to hold elections by the end of 2023. The initiative depends on preparing the security and military tracks to ensure the safety of the environment surrounding elections. He also intends to establish a high-level steering committee in Libya, which will work to bring together the various Libyan stakeholders, including representatives of political institutions, prominent political figures and tribal leaders, civil society organizations, security actors, and representatives of women and youth.