The parties or figures who hinder the implementation of the security arrangements in Tripoli will face international sanctions, the UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, has warned.

Salame and UNSMIL's deputy head for the political affairs Stephanie Williams attended Wednesday a meeting held by the Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj in Tripoli to review the execution of security arrangements on the ground, according to Al-Sirraj's media office.

The meeting discussed also securing Greater Tripoli region, deploying forces to prevail security and setting a fixed timeline for the implementation of the arrangements.

"All those plans and decisions must work together in cooperation between the committee of the security arrangements and Greater Tripoli operations center." Al-Sirraj remarked.

The meeting also resulted in agreeing on allocating a budget for the implementation of the arrangements, announcing that salaries for the military personnel are about to be paid with the approved raise.

"We need an impartial lifting of the arms ban on Libya so the government can implement the arrangements and the military institution can do its job." Al-Sirraj added.

Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha and commanders of western and central military zones as well as the chief of staff Abdelrahman Al-Taweel were all attending the meeting.

The security arrangements were approved by Al-Sirraj in an official decree last week.