The Zintani member of UN-imposed government, who suspended his membership from the presidency council, said Wednesday that the new cabinet won’t be able to build an actual state as it picked up the ministers without applying the least qualification standards required for the posts.

In a press conference to clarify reasons behind his walkout, Omar Al-Aswad described the political agreement as incoherent and full of loopholes.

"The meeting of the PC by which the cabinet got formed did not reach a quorum," He added, calling on Libyans to reject this cabinet.

Al-Aswad also declared that the selection of some cabinet ministers was based on nepotism.

"A personal secretary for one of the presidency council members was picked as minister of electricity, while other members appointed their relatives." He said.

 Al-Aswad pointed out that the ministries were increased from 24 to 32, while a number of ministries were split to please relatives of some council members.

"The ministry of foreign affairs was split into 3: ministry of foreign affairs, ministry of international cooperation and ministry of Arab and African affairs." He explained.

In the same context, the ministry of transport was divided into 2: ministry of transport and ministry of aviation and air transport. The ministry of labour was also split into 2: ministry of labour and ministry of vocational training.