Libya's Skhirat government, imposed by the UN Mission, has failed to enter the capital so far. In the meantime, several activists were hired to kick off a propaganda campaign on social media and spread rumours to influence public opinion toward government support.

The propaganda machine has deliberately misinterpreted security breaches in the capital to mislead the public.

The latest rumour spread on Monday was that Libya's Grand Mufti Sheikh Sadiq Al-Gharyani has become a strong supporter of Sirraj government and that he asked the GNC and revolutionary fighters to accept it and allow it in Tripoli. Ironically, this rumour was taken and posted in Italy's news agency Agenzia Giornalistica Italia.

Also on Monday, the propaganda machine had misinterpretations of the skirmishes that took place outside Jamhouria Bank in Bab Ben Ghashir, a district very close to the HQs of the General National Congress. The rumour went that a pro UN-imposed government armed group was attacking the GNC and that GNC President Nuri Abu Sahmain, members and congress guards, from Misrata, had fled.

There was also a deliberate misinterpretation of Saturday's clashes in Camp 77 in Al-Soor Road. The propaganda machine of UN-imposed government was quick to claim that pro-Sirraj government armed groups were attacking pro-GNC Sumood Force in the camp. In fact, the clashes were between the 6th Force of the Central Security and an armed brigade affiliated with Al-Burki brigade over a wanted killer and had nothing to do with the ongoing political crisis in Libya.

Meanwhile, Libya is going through a severe liquidity crisis with many banks limiting withdrawals to less than LYD 500 dinars while other banks remained closed, which angered customers and caused recession in the local market.

A bank source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the ongoing liquidity crisis is deliberate under instructions from the UN-imposed government.

"CBL governor Sadiq Al-Kabri is a supporter of the government of national accord and he gave his instructions to limit cash delivery to the banks to provoke a liquidity crisis," the source claimed.

"This crisis was suddenly provoked when the government of national accord declared its intention to move to Tripoli, and the aim is to make people reject Tripoli government and GNC and demand quick access of GNA to Tripoli to solve this crisis, which actually would be solved quickly if GNA succeed to do so." He added.

The source explained that the CBL has agreed to open $2 billion of letters of credit at a bank rate of around LYD 1.38 to import basic goods and medicines and alleviate cash crisis, but it did not happen, according to the source, confirming that the CBL has enough cash to end the crisis.