The member of the Presidential Council of UN-imposed government, Fathi Al-Mijibri, has suspended his membership in the PC in objection to the way the ministerial portfolios are being distributed for the upcoming cabinet formation of the Sirraj government.

Relatedly, GNC member Shaban Abu Sitta, one of Skhirat agreement signatories, said Saturday that it is unlikely the government formation will be announced Saturday or Sunday, as arguments have gotten hotter among the PC members regarding the selection of ministers from east and west of Libya, which pushed Al-Mijibri to suspend his membership, according to Abu Sitta.

“Endeavors are underway to convince Al-Mijibri to refrain from his decision; and to push all members to a consensus as regards their dispute because, until now, the PC has not reached a common thread about any ministry in the new cabinet formation.”

In relation, the PC member, Ali Al-Gotrani who supports Dignity Operation, had rejected Thursday the voting mechanism of the PC and decided to boycott it, stressing that the outcome of the voting will not be endorsed by the House of Representatives because it eliminates Cyrenaica regiont, according to Al-Gotrani.