Member of the presidency council of the UN-imposed Sirraj government, Ali Al-Gotrani has suspended his participation in the deliberation sessions of the council in demand of freezing the article (08) of the Skhirat agreement, as he described.

In a televised statement on Monday, Ali Al-Gotrani, a strong ally of rogue Gen. Khalifa Haftar, stressed that the presidency council must recognize the Libyan army, Khalifa Haftar's de factor Dignity Operation forces, and must give it full military support in its war against terrorism, according to him.

“The government must also guarantee that Cyrenaica region be represented in a just way in the Presidency Council formation, and it must be given a third of the sovereign posts as well as it must be represented in all diplomatic missions and study scholarships abroad.” Al-Gotrani indicated.

He added that a fund must be founded by the presidency council to help rebuild Benghazi, pointing that upon satisfying these demands he reaffirms adherence to the Skhirat agreement and the government of national accord that is formed out of it.

Al-Gotrani's walkout was followed shortly by another member Ali Al-Aswad who protested against the performance of the council.

"The results of long-awaited Skhirat agreement are disappointing because of the carelessness of the president and some members of the presidency council." Al-Aswad said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Abu Bakr Baira, member of Tobruk parliament and dialogue team, expected that the UN project and the accord government, which is based in Tunisia nowadays, to be a great failure, calling on Libyans to fall back upon the Libyan-Libyan dialogue.

“The UN has gone too far in its intervention in Libyan affairs to the extent they started to impose things on Libyans as if they are the actual rulers of the country, which we completely refuse to accept.” Baira said.