The UN-imposed government led by Fayaz Sirraj has called on all Libyan state institutions to start dealing with it immediately and urged the international community to stop dealing with Tripoli and Tobruk governments.

In a statement on Saturday, the Presidency Council of the government said the alleged approval of the majority of Tobruk MPs and State Council is enough to assume work, ignoring the vote of confidence from Tobruk parliament, which has not taken place yet.

"We see the unlimited support of the majority of HoR MPs and Supreme State Council members as the green light to start the work of the government." The statement said.

The UN-imposed government claims that 100 Tobruk MPs are in favor of the government, but these claims were denied by some MPs who confirmed that the claimed support was a forgery.

The announcement of the government to start work has angered some Skhirat agreement signatories including 3 political parties.

A joint statement by the National Forces Alliance, the National Front Party and Alwattan Party, in addition to some MPs and politicians said the statement of the Presidency Council is an attempt to jump on the political agreement, warning that any violation to Skhirat agreement would strip the Presidential Council of its credibility.

"Giving the government a vote of confidence lies within the powers of the House of the Representatives," the statement explains.

It also made it clear that the constitutional declaration must be amended first by the HoR before Skhirat agreement goes into effect, as stated in the agreement.

The statement called for expanding the consensus and involving the main parties in the Libyan political scene before the government can operate from Tripoli.

"Ignoring these parties will only lead to more fragmentation." It says.

The statement of the Skhirat agreement signatories also called the UNSMIL to show neutrality and stick to the provisions of the Libyan political agreement.