Angry UN-installed government and France protesters marched in Tripoli’s main square on Friday, defying government measures to ban the protests.

The protesters chanted anti France and Dignity Operation slogans and denounced Fayaz Sirraj government for not taking a stiff reaction about the French intervention, demanding Sirraj government to leave office.

“Get out Sirraj……Sirraj is the enemy of God,” the protesters chanted.

Early in the morning on Friday, the interior ministry of UN-installed government blocked all roads to the Martyrs’ Square in implementation to the government’s Thursday decision to raise the security alert to its highest level.

The protesters managed to get into the square, but media outlets have been prevented from covering the protests.

Alnabaa and Tanasuh TV stations were ordered to leave the square and two cameramen from Tanasuh TV were arrested as they were about to film the protests. Government police seized their cameras and released them later after a strong-worded warning about any attempts to film the protests. The police refused to give the cameras back to Tanasuh TV.

In Misrata, protesters deplored the French intervention and called for the overthrow of UN-installed government. Similar protests were also held in Gharyan and Zawia.

Tripoli protests. Video: Abu baker Ghariani