The UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) said it had launched youth track as part of the Libyan political dialogue to be held in Tunisia in November, saying it is part of its work to include the youth in the political process.

The first meeting of the youth track was held last Sunday online with 41 participants from all across Libya, saying they all got equal opportunities to express themselves and speak about the civil organizations they represent. The meetings resulted in a set of recommendations.

"The political dialogue in Tunisia, security and economic tracks as well as the military 5+5 talks, conditions for the selection of executive authorities with timelines for the preliminary phase. Special focus on the constitution before going to elections. The need for translational justice, fighting corruption, uniting institutions, national reconciliation, return of displaced people, and compensation for the people who suffered damage due to wars." The recommendations of the youth say.

They included dismantling armed factions and allowing the fighters to join military and security apparatuses in addition to carrying out true reform in the security sector in Libya.

Meanwhile, the UNSMIL said its experts had briefed the youth on the latest regarding 5+5 military talks, economic and security as well as human rights' tracks so they can be familiar with the efforts of the UNSMIL.