The UNSMIL said Monday that its Head Ghassan Salame had discussed in Benghazi the resuming UN activities in eastern Libya.

UNSMIL said on Facebook that Salame met with Benghazi mayor and other officials and told them about the resumption, reviewing important issues that need coordination between the UNSMIL and local authorities.

Salame also met with House of Representatives' members and discussed the political process and the way forward for Libya.

The UN envoy arrived in Benghazi on Monday and met with Khalifa Haftar in Rajma, going over security in the southern region, according to UNSMIL.

Meanwhile, sources said that Salame stressed the importance of building bridges among all Libyan conflicting parties and that he is working toward holding a successful National Conference then elections based on a constitutional foundation.

Salame's visit comes amid criticism by the east-based Interim Government and the HoR of his statements that the easterners say are biased to Al-Sirraj government in Tripoli.

In late January, Benghazi has seen a demonstration calling on Salame to leave Libya, accusing him of complicating Libya's crisis and being biased to certain parties of the conflict plus allowing foreign intervention in the country.