The UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women, Reem Al-Salem, has cautioned against the adverse impact of the political stalemate in Libya on Libyan and non-Libyan women, which she said has been exacerbated by the complete impunity for crimes.

In a statement following her eight-day visit to Libya, Salem said the lack of security and stability and the framework laws that are not in line with Libya's international obligations to human rights, besides the proliferation of armed groups and weapons promoted unaccountability and impunity, with women being the worst affected.

While she expressed her happiness at the invitation of the Government of National Unity to visit the country, the Special Rapporteur decried the obstacles she faced during her trip, including denying her access to visit several detention centres and prisons holding women.

She also deplored the authorities in Benghazi who prevented her from leaving the city's airport to visit other areas in the east and underscored the need for urgent steps to provide women and girls with protection.