The UN-proposed government’s Foreign Ministry has diminished the number of Libyan staffers in overseas embassies to 55% to save about 220 million dollars for the country.

“Breaking down world countries into (ABCD) chart, the Foreign Ministry managed to carry out the decrease of staff numbers, adding that the biggest number of staffers in one embassy should never exceed 16.

The number of Libyan staffers in 33 embassies across the world has reached only four staffers.

The Libyan FM of the UN-proposed government, Mohammed Sayala, decided to fetch back about 800 staffers from embassies upon retirement and job termination, adding that the salaries will be paid according to Libyan contracts with the national pay limit involved.

“We also started the last two weeks preparing an electronic system that can provide us with complete database for all the embassy staffers who work overseas.” Sayala added.

Sayala’s cut-down approach also included curtailing the number of workers’ attaches from 56 to only 6, decreasing the number of the sending military personnel from 182 to 36 as well as cutting down the number of foreign ministry employees and overseas workforce from 2.250 to 750.

Libya’s Foreign Ministry shut 17 overseas embassies in 2015 in Central Africa, Sierra Leone, Denmark, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Guinea-Bissau, Nicaragua and others.